Image of colored regions of the human brain
Brain workshop

In an earlier post, I talked about using technology to increase an individual’s productivity when learning.

In this post, I’ll talk about using it to increase intelligence.

Since intelligence is a hard to define concept, we’ll focus on the concepts of fluid and crystallized intelligence.

In my search of using technology to enhance the human brain, I stumbled upon Brain Workshop, an open source implementaion of the Dual-n-back game.

Studies have shown that progress in mastery of the dual-n-back game correlates to progress in mastery of IQ tests. The game consists of remembering pairs of items in a series, and recalling the pair from a fixed certain amount of steps ago.

I up to a modest dual-5-back now, meaning I can recall a pair of items from 5 steps ago. I started out at dual-2-back, and slowly progressed to where I am now. The record is alledgedly dual-11-back, which I find incredible.

It is recommended to practice 20 minutes a couple of times a week. Seems like an interesting use of technology based on research to enhance human intelligence.

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